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Amalia Davis - Lucky Shot 2

Gorgeous blonde Amalia Davis racks up the pool table and takes a shot, her beautiful big breasts threatening to spill out of her top as she bends over in her booty-hugging jean shorts. Removing her top, she caresses those natural wonders amorously, teasing her nipples and squeezing the soft flesh in her palms, before she slides a hand into her panties to touch herself. The curvy cutie is soon naked, her thighs spread wide as she strokes her shaved pussy sensuously. One knee up on the baize, she rubs her clit and thrusts her fingers into her juicy slot; then she stretches out on the table and sucks her nipples playfully before resuming her fervid masturbation. Her soft moans of arousal rise in pitch as she fingerbangs herself to a breathless orgasm.

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