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Julietta - Mystery Solved

Stunning brunette Julietta looks up from writing in her notebook to blow you a kiss. The seductive beauty looks incredible in sexy lingerie as she kneels, inviting you to admire her perfect ass. Peeling off her panties, she strokes her shaved pussy with delicate fingertips, then grabs a dildo, smiling naughtily as she rubs it against her tingling clit. Her moans of pleasure grow more urgent as she fucks herself with the toy, rocking her hips up to meet each thrust until she’s overwhelmed by an orgasm, and then another. Pausing to catch her breath and strip down to her high heels, she resumes plunging the dildo into her juicy slot, making herself climax again. She goes face down ass up, diddling herself doggy style until she’s utterly sated.